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Pole Signs and Totem Poles from UK Sign Warehouse

Pole Signs, Totem Poles, Display Cases and Information Boards

We can design and manufacture Pole Signs, Sign Posts and Totem Pole signs to ANY SIZE and in a range of colours and finishes. The locate post and panel system offers over 45 different post configurations together with eight panel widths (from 50MM to 30MM) and is the only system on the market with dual-colour post facility. Panels simply slide into channels in the post profiles available in 88mm x 44mm half square , half round or half octagonal formats or can be clipped together to form complete 88mm square, round or octagonal configurations.

Each half of a complete post can be painted in contrasting colours to create a unique look. A 90 degree corner post profile can be coupled to provide a half round or complete 176mm circular post designed to accommodate the DualCase illuminated sign box system. They are 60mm square and round posts available for our smaller applications. The panel slide profile is available from Universal cut to the dimensions of the panels and is anodised to slide smoothly.

Two panel spacers offer a choice of four attractive profiles to delineate different areas of the sign. Panel edging profiles allow different panel materials to be used such as acrylic, foam PVC or sheet aluminium. The system also accommodates the full range of Universal Direx and the UniLight overhead lighting unit.

Built To Last

We use the best materials and the latest technology to make sure that the product you receive is second to none. With over 30 years in the industry, we are quite sure that nobody is able to beat us on price and quality. Give UK Sign Warehouse a call today to discuss your options and get your business noticed.